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Welcome to Irida Boutique Hotel.

The cosmopolitan town of Parga has a special charm, sitting amphitheatrically on the green hillside, above a picturesque island set in a bay with an ample sandy beach. The hotel’s hillside position overlooks the bay with beautiful balcony views of the glittering Ionian sea and is surrounded by olive trees creating a tranquil atmosphere that makes you believe in magic. Everything you can imagine, you can find it here; nine luxurious suites of high class each with its own identity, furniture, colours and decoration.

Our suites marry elegance with comfort, each with its own unique character inspired by the Mediterranean. The individual suites are Koralli (Coral), Anthos (Flower), Stafili (Grape), Giasemi (Jasmin), Margaritari (Pearl), Votsalo (Pebbles), Iliachtida (Sunbeam), Noufaro (Water Lily), and Kimata (Waves). All suites are air-conditioned and generously equipped, incorporating a cleverly concealed kitchen area that can be revealed when needed.

Whether you need a relaxing break away from the city, or a romantic holiday to remember forever, the Irida Boutique Hotel is one of those rare places that delivers the dream and with our warm Greek hospitality before long the busy world will fade away.

Join us on a tour of the suites and let youself relax in a timeless atmosphere of pure indulgance.

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